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You may make your Mix Minute Man online gift for the Unity 4200 Satellite Receiver by using the 2nd link on the sidebar menu. These gifts will help us continue to bring Chuck Swindoll and Focus on the Family.

Use the first link on the sidebar to make a single gift now. To make a payment on your current pledge, click on the My Pledges page in the sidebar menu, select a pledge and click on the More button...at the bottom of that page is a place where you can make the payment. 

The cool thing about radio is we can’t force our way into your life.  We have to be what you’re looking for.  We have to meet you where you are and hope you invite us in… kind of like a good friend or helpful neighbor.

“Out of all the voices calling out to me…I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth.”  Casting Crowns, Voice of Truth.  What is it that people like you and me are choosing when we listen to THE MIX? It is positive, encouraging, uplifting, family friendly, and fun, but much more....a place to worship.

Thank you for your on-going support of this ministry.  It is confirmation that you have chosen THE MIX– to listen to and partner with!  Your contribution helps us to broadcast Christ-focused music and messages so that you (and thousands of others) can continue to “listen and believe” every day.  Thank you for keeping WGCA strong and available 24/7 for people who need to hear the life giving message that Jesus saves! 

Your Friend In Christ,

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Bruce A. Rice, Executive Director